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You know those people who whenever you have a conversation with them, seem angry about something? But they usually have a point. Well, articles in Crisis Magazine always have that feel. The magazine describes its mission this way: "To interpret and shape the direction of contemporary culture from a standpoint of Catholic tradition. We are dedicated to the proposition that the crisis of modernity can be answered by a Christian humanism rooted in the teachings of the Catholic Church. We bring the wisdom of the Catholic tradition into direct dialogue with contemporary politics and culture."

The magzine is edgy, often angry but always thought-provoking.

Two recent articles of interest:
Frank Keating, former governor of Oklahoma, recently resigned as chairman of the National Review Board, which is the board studying the nature and scope of the sex-abuse problem in the church. He resigned in part because he didn't feel the victims were listened to enough by the board. He also complained about the role of the heirarchy. "Los Angeles’s Roger Cardinal Mahony said that my suggestion that some in the hierarchy behaved like the 'Cosa Nostra' was inappropriate and the 'last straw.' It was appropriate, and it was true."
Read the entire article.

The second article is Strangers in the House: When Catholics in the Media Turned Against the Church. It's written by Mark Gauvreau Judge. Here's a sample paragraph:

"It’s a dispiriting sign of our times that the current mainstream liberal press—never mind the socialist organs—would rather bungee jump off St. Peter’s than allow a Christian into their pages. They claim to represent the faith by giving us folks like E. J. Dionne, Maureen Dowd, Mike Barnicle, and the pro-abortion Tower of Babel Chris Matthews—people who claim to be Catholic but only emphasize it when there’s something negative to say. They define their Catholicism by the leverage it gives them in the liberal culture."

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