Bus cuts

Spokane Transit Authority wants to know what you think about its plan to cut its budget by reducing service. The agency has a new, vastly reduced route plan that it is presenting to the public for comment.

To find out about the plan and see a map of the proposed new bus system, check out my story from today's Spokesman-Review. http://www.spokesmanreview.com/news-story.asp?date=103103&ID=s1432482

Blowing smoke

And you thought the smoke in the casinos was thick...

Changing wind direction caused Las Vegas to get socked in by California wildfire smoke today, delaying flights to Sin City by as much as two hours.

As long as the fires keep burning in Southern California, make sure to check those flights before you head to the airport.

Slippery streets

Hey! Turn off your sprinklers.

The commute was pretty slippery today because some Spokane businesses were still running their sprinkling systems this morning. That meant ice on some of the city's arterials.

Watch out for ice Friday morning.

Signals out

Today's high winds are blowing out the power in some parts of Spokane County and causing signals to go dark at some intersections.

Remember, if a signal is out, motorists should treat the intersection as if it were posted with four-way stop signs. Drive safely out there.

Wildfires hamper flights

Wildfires in Southern California have caused major delays and cancellation of flights into and out of San Diego and Los Angeles.

If you are traveling to or from the Southern California area, check with your air carrier before heading to the airport. Some airlines, like Southwest and Alaska Airlines, are encouraging fliers to rebook if possible, and are offering refunds or flight changes without penalties.

It's a good idea to check on all flights in times like these, since it's not always apparent where they are starting from.

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