Responsibility to report without bias

Question: The main media states they have a right to report with bias. I say they have a responsibility to report without bias. You can't trust their report if they report with bias. It also means they aren't treating their customers equally so we can say they don't believe in equal rights. ou should advise companies that reporting to you should be without bias. -- Robert L. Goertzen

I know of no professional, mainstream media organization that acknowledges it reports with bias or believes that it should. Professional journalists in print and boardcast do their best to bleed their news of personal biases, striving to be fair, balanced and accurate. More than ever, however, some news consumers equate balance with news that reflects their own political biases and sensibilities. With the proliferation of Internet and cable news outlets that flaunt their biases, such consumers have a place to go to affirm their own views. Thus reinforced, they come back to the mainstream press and charge bias. A Wall Street Journal column published 9-14 covers some of this ground and is worth reading. -- Steve Smith, editor

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