Where are Idaho ads, election sections?

Question: I live in Kellogg and when i first started receiving The Spokesman-Review, I would get some of the Coeur d'Alene coupons in Wednesday's paper (for example, the Papa Murphy's coupon book.) I stopped getting them after about a month. How come?

Also, I noticed the voter's guide to all of the running parties for Washington. Will the S-R do one for Idaho as well, since I'm sure you have many Idaho subscribers? -- Dawn Turcotte, Kellogg

Answer 1: It is up to the advertisers where they distribute their coupons. Of course we would love them to go everywhere - it means more revenue for us! But the advertisers determine where their inserts will go.

We have often found that if the readers call the advertisers and talk to them about not receiving their ads, it may help that advertiser rethink where they will distribute their inserts. -- Bob Myklebust, display advertising

Answer 2: We will be publishing a voter's guide for Idaho voters prior to the November election. We haven't decided yet if it will be a separate section or several pages in the regular paper. -- Steve Smith, editor

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