Take a look at Kerry bashers

Question: Why don't you do a story about dirty politics and George Bush's attempt to smear John Kerry? Take a look at this link. -- Barbara Rueppel, Spokane

Answer: See previous answer, please.

There seems to be no pleasing either side on this. Kerry's military record is, or ought to be, subject to intense scrutiny. After all, he has made it a centerpiece of his campaign. We've run stories on the scrutiny and the debate and on accusations that the president's campaign organization is behind the most egregious smears. But unless we run a definitive story saying one side is right and the other wrong, we're doomed to anger both sides. There was some excellent coverage on the issue in the national press over the weekend, including an outstanding column by a Chicago Tribune editor who was with Kerry the day he won his Silver Star. We're seeking permission to reprint that piece. Perhaps it will answer the questions of readers who still have an open mind on the subject. -- Steve Smith, editor

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