Wants more Valley news in Valley section

Question: As I recall, the Section B in The Spokesman-Review had been called
"The Region" or "Region" for several years. Why was the heading for
this section changed to read "Valley", within the past couple of years?
This section does cover news for several counties in Idaho, Montana and Washington.
I am a resident of Spokane Valley. Renaming it "Spokane Valley"
would be more appropriate if it would contain news only for the City of
Spokane Valley and the surrounding area of Spokane County. -- Omer S. Olson, Spokane Valley

Answer: The Spokesman-Review Valley edition launched in September 2002. At that time, we added reporters and photographers to our Valley bureau and increased, substantially, the amount of daily news coming out of the Valley, particularly news of local government, public schools and public safety. The Valley editor is Jeff Jordan, a lifetime Valley resident.

The "Valley" designation on the top of the local news page doesn't suggest that the section will contain only Valley news. After all, Valley residents are citizens of the larger metro area, state and region, too, and want news from other places But we do "zone" into the section Valley stories that might not run in our Spokane city edition or our Idaho edition. There will be stories in those editions that do not run in the Valley. Some days the number of "swap" stories is low -- that's surely the case during the slow dog days of summer. But some days we swap several Valley only stories and news briefs into the Valley edition. Meanwhile, we continue to produce the two Valley Voice tabloids that appear each week, Thursdays and Saturdays. All in all, we produce more Valley-specific news than ever before. -- Steve Smith, editor

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