Why so many short Page 1 stories?

Question: Can you please explain to the uneducated out here why some articles on the front page are so short before continuing inside? Today's paper had an article that didn't even get through the second paragraph. I read the paper before I go to work every morning, and I don't have the time to go back and forth between the front page and the inside to read these stories. Isn't
there a better way? -- Paul Choate, Spokane

Answer: You've raised an issue that we frequently discuss in our daily planning meetings. We usually try to place five to six stories on the front page each day. Our front page philosophy is essentially this: we want to put the most important or interesting stories and photos on the most important page of the newspaper each day.

Placing five to six stories on the front page is often a challenge for our page designers, who also have to factor in headlines, photos and graphics. We do try to avoid the situation you describe in your note regarding the brevity of the front-page portion of the story, but obviously we've not been successful lately. We're addressing that problem and intend to settle on some solutions. -- Gary Graham, managing editor

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