Why highlight Mariners over Spokane team?

Question: Why is it the Mariners get Page 1 sports section every day and our local team gets it once in a while? Then to add insult to injury, today (July 27) the Indians get a big picture on Page 1 because of their terrible game yesterday. Why so much loyalty to Seattle?

Even if you don't want to put the full story about the Indians on Page 1, how about at least putting the score on Page 1 every day? I don't have time to read the whole paper but hate hunting for the score on Page 3 or 5. -- Beth Ann Daigre

Answer: It is never a question of loyalty to teams. Our decisions on where to place a story have to do with reader interest. The Seattle Mariners have a much larger following than the Spokane Indians, even in Spokane. Thus, the Mariners do get better play. They are almost always on the sports section cover.

Still, we don't ignore the Spokane Indians. Nearly all of the Spokane Indians home games make the front page. As for the photos, they are planned well before we know the outcome of the game. We will not simply drop a photo because the home team loses. -- Joe Palmquist, sports editor

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