Weed out inaccurate letters

Question: There was a letter to the editor on the 20th about the Spokane police department by Linda Becker titled "Police officer was not a hero." Just about averything in that letter was inaccurate. I thought you were suppose to weed out those type letters?

Sgt. Walter was not involved in the shooting. The spokane police does not have "overkill mentality". Shooting someone in the shoulder and hope they drop the gun is laughable. Been watching too much Walker, Texas Ranger. Fitzpatrick was given every opportunity to put down the gun and come out but instead put on his coat, turned around, drew his gun and pointed it at the officers. J.C. Collins, one of the police officers there saved Sean's life. He could have let him die very easily.

Sgt. Walter is an outstanding officer and anyone who knows him will tell you that. -- Wayne Lythgoe, Colbert

Answer: First, thanks for calling our attention to the error. You're correct. Sgt. Walter was not at the Lewis and Clark incident last year when an armed student was shot, and we will publish a correction on Friday's letters page. Walter was honored by the department for the extensive time and effort he devoted to researching Columbine-type situations and designing an "active shooter response" system. He spent more than a year on the effort and trained his fellow officers in how to use it. The letter writer apparently misunderstood a recent news story reporting Walter's Medal of Merit.

As for the other points you raise, those are matters of opinion which, although harsh, are within the latitude of an opinion page. -- Doug Floyd, editorial page editor

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