Why no mention of Bainbridge Island incident?

Question: On July 4th on Bainbridge Island, a young soldier marched in the parade, dressed in his uniform and wearing the medals he had earned in Iraq. The MC of the parade scornfully asked (over the mic) what he was a veteran of, and the vast majority of the crowd booed him. There's been no coverage of this anywhere. Why? Surely, this disgraceful behavior should have been held up to scrutiny by the rest of the state, if not the nation. -- Rose Dempsey, Spokane Valley

Answer: The incident you described has received some coverage in the Seattle area, but little beyond that. I can't speak for the rest of the state's newspapers, but we haven't published anything about the harassment of Jason Gilson because your note is the first we've heard of it.

I did a Google search this morning and found only two newspaper articles about the incident. Robert Jamieson, a columnist for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, wrote about Gilson in a column published July 9, five days after the event. And the Bremerton Sun published a news story about the parade and the treatment of Gilson in a story published July 10. It's my sense that this is one of those stories that initially gets overlooked because it happened on a holiday and occurred at an event that normally would not receive much media coverage.

We rely on the Associated Press to provide most of our coverage of news and events in the Seattle area because we do not have a bureau there. I will ask AP to consider doing a story about Gilson and the parade, but given the passage of time (10 days) since the event, it may not be a high priority for them. -- Gary Graham, managing editor

Update: I'm happy to report that your question, which I shared with the Associated Press editors in Seattle, prompted AP to file a short story which we published in today's Spokesman-Review. The mayor of Bainbridge Island issued an apology to the soldier for the way he was treated at the parade.

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