Why print only 'junk science' letters?

Question: I am a concerned citizen supporting fluoride. I have sent letters which have been published, however I have several friends and acquaintances that have sent letters regarding the benefits of fluoride and you choose not to print those. I have seen too many anti-fluoride letters that are pure garbage compared to very few pro-fluoride letters. Why aren't the pro-fluoride people getting equal space?

I am a retired health care administrator, I believe in medical science. I don't believe in junk science. You have been printing junk science. -- Joyce McNamee, Spokane

Answer: All letters are held to the same criteria, regardless of ideological point of view. Among those criteria are length, frequency and the presence of a signature and other information necessary for the verification process. Anyone who has submitted a letter and is concerned that it has not been processed should inquire directly by phoning me at 459-5466 or e-mailing me at dougf@spokesman.com. -- Doug Floyd, editorial page editor

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