We need a 7 for families

Question: Would you consider having a separate page or section for children's/family events, rather than having the events listed in "7"? It doesn't seem as if children's/family events "fit" into the style of "7". I for one do not appreciate having to page through articles about gay lifestyle issues, sexual relationship columns ("Sexcetera"), language like "kickass" (in the movies section) - which I'm teaching my children NOT to use - to find events that are appropriate for my children! "7" seems to be very narrowly focused on 20-something singles. While it might be worthwhile to have such a section, it doesn't fit the needs of families, particularly families with young children. "Weekend" seemed to reach a broader audience. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to express my opinion. -- Christy Thomas, Spokane Valley

Answer: The writer is one step ahead of us. Look for a new 7-for-families feature, including events calendars, columns, etc., on our Monday In-Life cover beginning next month. -- Steve Smith, editor

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