Plea for more pet coverage

Question: Human interest stories abound in your paper, but animal interest stories are sadly lacking. Why do you not give more attention to our three local shelters and their activities concerning the tremendous pet overpopulation problem? Case in point ... Saturday, June 12 Spokane Humane Society's "Parade of Paws" dog walk. Over 250 people participated. Many walked shelter dogs -- over a dozen were adopted. Yet, we found no coverage of this outstanding event. Also, why not a Pet of the Week picture? Your help is badly needed! -- Bob Anderlik, Liberty Lake

Answer: As an animal lover myself, I completely agree with you. We have a tremendous problem in this region with unwanted pets and violence against pets. Unfortunately, we have to balance the importance of those stories with other non-animal news stories. Sometimes the humans win. We certainly could have covered the Parade of Paws, but we were reporting other events and issues instead. We have done pet adoption promotions in the past through the Circulation and Features departments and they've been popular and successful. I'm certain we'll continue to do those from time to time. I believe The Spokesman-Review has done a pretty good job of covering the issues of pet abuse. We regularly write stories about illegal shelters. We've done numerous stories about management of the various shelter entities in the region. We've even addressed the topic of pet violence as it relates to domestic violence. But, you're right. There's always more to do - on that topic and dozens of others. -- Carla Savalli, city editor

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