Sniffing barstools?

Question: I'm as progressive as I can be as a 50-something Spokalooite. But c'mon..."sniffing barstools" as a topic in the Friday entertainment section? I don't care if "7" is a feeble attempt to get younger people to read the daily newspaper, you folks have taken one deep step into the gutter.

Please don't tell me that, "if I'm offended, I don't have to read it." I want to know what I can do in Spokane on the weekend so I' going to open this section. Then, it was in the headline on the first inside page, so I was offended even before I got to read the citizens comments. The name of the article sums it up for The Spokesman-Review: "Bad choices." -- Al Gilson, Spokane

Answer: We've taken some complaints from readers who believe "7" is offensive for one reason or another. We've taken far more compliments from readers who find it interesting, stimulating, contemporary. We've had a few dropped subscriptions. But "7" is selling far more papers than Weekend. And our advertisers love it. Not all parts of the paper are for all people. I can only say again, if you see something in the paper you don't like, just pass it by. -- Steve Smith, editor

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