Remove gay column from '7'

Comment: Re: The gay column in "7." I'd like to share my belief that homosexuals deserve to be loved, NOT PROMOTED. Please consider removing this column from The Spokesman-Review. -- Laurie Johnson, Spokane

Answer: Every segment of our community deserves to see itself reflected in the pages of the community's newspaper. Our newsroom mantra is "we reflect the lives of our communities in all of their wholeness and complexity every day."

Gays and lesbians are citizens of our community. They have as much right to coverage and presence as any other group of citizens. Coverage does not constitute promotion. But aside from that red herring, do you want newspaper editors deciding who is righteous enough, correct enough, moral enough to belong in the paper?

If the determination is to be Biblically based moral determination, then what do we do about the Jewish, Buddhist and Islamic communities? We received calls not too long ago from people who felt we should not be writing stories that reflected positively on Mormons because they're "not true Christians." Do we run stories about Mormons only when they've done something wrong? And do keep in mind, we still get calls and letters from racists in our communities who are offended whenver we profile people of color or run pictures of inter-racial couples.

This is a dangerous and slippery slope and one this newspaper's editors will avoid. My best advice...if the gay and lesbian oriented column in 7 offends you, then don't read it. -- Steve Smith, editor

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