What about that fatal accident?

Question: I have a question about the fatal accident that occurred April 30 at the corner of Hartson and Thor in Spokane. I am from Boise, but was visiting my brother and his family in Spokane on the night of the accident. We assisted at the accident scene and would like to have some additional information about the accident, i.e., victim's name, age, cause of accident, etc., to provide us with some closure for this traumatic event. Why has there been so little published or broadcast about that accident, even though there was a fatality? -- Cathy Venosdel, Boise

Answer: We ran a story about the accident on May 1, but it appears - regrettably - that we did not write a follow-up story. While we try to update most major accidents that we hear about, it isn't always possible. Unfortunately, in this case it was a fatality and should have warranted a second story. There is no good reason for the decision, except to say that we constantly balance our resources (reporters, time and space for news) with news events in the community. Occasionally, but not often, the news gets ahead of our resources. -- Carla Savalli, city editor

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