What about Bonner County news?

Question: Why is it that Bonner County records are never put in the Handle, the marriage, fines and lawsuit records? A couple of weeks ago you ran an article about all the sheriff canidates, but Bonner County was left out entirely, was there a reason for that? We feel that we are out in left field all the time. -- Kathy Mitchell, Priest River

Answer: Bonner County records used to be part of our regular content up until about two years ago when our Sandpoint bureau was closed, and the news assistant who gathered those records was laid off. Boundary County's public information officer sends us copies of sentencings from that county, and we also have sentencings faxed to us from Shoshone County. Currently, we have no staff in Sandpoint able to provide those records to us, and they are too unwieldy for anyone in the Bonner County Clerk's office to send to us.

As for the sheriff story, we did run a story on April 12 about the candidates running for sheriff in Boundary County. On April 20 and 21, we ran stories on the candidates running for Bonner County commissioner. On Sunday, May 2, we ran a story about the many candidates running for Bonner County Sheriff. So Bonner County is not being ignored. However, without a Sandpoint bureau it is more challenging to stay on top of all the news emanating from that county. -- Susan Drumheller, Idaho Editor

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