Editorial cartoons imbalanced

Question: If the Spokesman Review is unbiased, why do ALL Editors's page cartoons bash the current and honorable Pesident of the United States? --Mark Harris

Answer: It's not quite that imbalanced, but it is seriously imbalanced. Your point is well taken.
Of the 38 cartoons published during the period April 16-30, 18 were directly anti-Bush and four were directly anti-Kerry. Four others took pokes at national security weaknesses. Two, including one of the anti-Bush portrayals, were critical of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Others took random shots at the 9-11 Commission, Spain (for removing its troops from Iraq), Hollywood, the terrorist group Hamas, air pollution and politics in general. Four had no apparent political message. Typical of the genre, only one of the 38 editorial cartoons had a positive message -- an April 27 effort by Michael Ramirez celebrating pro football player turned soldier Pat Tillman as a hero.
Another way to look at it -- and this gets more subjective -- is that of the 38 cartoons, 20 were unfriendly to Bush and his policies, seven were unfriendly to his critics and the other 11 didn't lend themselves to that kind of breakdown.
In normal times, some imbalance is to be expected. It's the nature of political cartoonists to lampoon and the most visible target is whoever occupies the White House at the time. Still, it's evident that our selection of cartoonists is tilted left and we need to improve the balance. --Doug Floyd, editorial page editor

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