Symphony Pops reviews

Question: How come no reviews of Symphony Pops concerts? Nearly 2,800 people, famous guest artists, e.g. Crystal Gayle, Roger Williams, Kingston Trio, et al. You got a boycot going? Lots of people would like to read about the concert, but it seems there is little interest by S-R. Need a reviewer? --Jim McArthur

Answer: The amount of staff time and financial resources available for reviews is limited. Our first priority is significant performances by local arts groups, such as the Spokane Symphony, Civic Theatre, Interplayers etc.; these are events where a reviewer's words may actually have an impact on the performers, and it's one of the ways we try to support the local arts. Another priority is major multiple-performance events, such as the Best of Broadway series at the Opera House. Beyond that, we consider reviews of one-time performances by touring acts at the Arena, Opera House, etc., on a case-by-case basis, depending on such factors as the significance of the act and the staff time available; the symphony pops concerts fall into this category. The most recent such event we reviewed was the Wynton Marsalis concert on Feb. 29 (while not technically part of the SuperPops series, it was a symphony-sponsored concert in a similar vein). We'll continue to present the most useful, diverse reviews as possible within our resources. -- Rick Bonino, arts and entertainment editor

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