Why don't you say paper is printed in Spokane?

Question: Why doesn't the paper have "Spokane, Washington" on the masthead? You need that -- or does the world know where The Spokesman-Review if printed? -- Margaret Blodgett, Mead

Answer: The nameplate or "flag" -- the name of the paper as printed at the top of Page 1 -- does not include "Spokane" because the paper serves a much wider region than the city of Spokane or even Spokane County. In all, we circulate in more than 30 counties in Washington and Idaho. And we have three editiions, including an Idaho edition and an edition that serves the Spokane Valley, including the new city. The "masthead," which is the boxed, formal statement of ownership and which can be found inside the A Section every day, makes it clear the paper is published in Spokane. -- Steve Smith, editor

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