How do I buy a photo from the paper?

Question: I was very touched by the sad picture of the Marines praying over their dead comrade at the first aid station. I would like a copy of it in any form. I looked for it here at your site and even tried the AP site but no luck. Any way you can provide me a way of getting that one photo? --Tom Blair

Answer: The photo, taken April 8 for the Associated Press by photographer Murad Sezer, shows U.S. Marines praying over a comrade who died from wounds suffered in fighting in Fallujah, Iraq. The photo was published on front pages of newspaper across the United States the next day.

A New York company, Wide World Photos, sells AP photos to the public. The phone number there is (212) 621-1930. Copies of pictures produced by Spokesman-Review staff photographers can be purchased by calling (509) 459-5476. -- Ken Sands, managing editor of online and new media

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