Why leave out local stock listing?

Question: I'm curious why The Timken Co. has been chosen frequently to be omitted from the daily stock quotations. On the same dates, it has been listed in the CdA Press. The president and CEO, James W. Griffith, is a graduate of Wallace High School and was a Spokesman-Review carrier for four years while he was a student there. The April 5 issue of FORTUNE magazine will carry a great article in a special advertising section about the revitalization of this 105-year old company. -- Gratia H. Griffith, Hayden

Answer: We publish daily stock quotes for 1,050 companies traded on the New York Stock Exchange. That list changes daily, however, depending on which stocks had the highest trading volume on any given day. That's why The Timken Co. would appear some days and not others. Like many newspapers, we've adopted that method to help balance the space devoted to stock listings with our daily coverage of business news.

Timken does appear in our expanded stock listings that are published in our free weekly Investments section, which is inserted in the Saturday paper by request. If you don't currently receive that section, you can call (800) 338-8801 Ext. 7000 to start the service. Thanks for letting us know about the Timken connection to the Inland Northwest. I'll be more alert to news of the company in the future. -- Addy Hatch, business editor

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