Hold police accountable

Question: Spokane is slowly being enveloped by the drug culture. From burglaries, car break-ins, credit card fraud, check fraud, vandalism, gang graffiti, assaults and car thefts to 80-year-old women assaulted, robbed and put in the hospital because the criminals know that 80 percent of all crimes committed in this city will not be investigated, the SPD's biggest presence of the year on the South Hill is this; A five day speed trap on 29th Avenue.

Why isn't The Spokesman-Review putting the screws to a police force more concerned with publicizing revenue generation, extensive and time-wasting speed trap cartoons, jaywalking tickets and asking suspects to nicely turn themselves in than preventing crime? -- Mike Harmon, Spokane

Answer: We report on a variety of crimes and criminal proceedings in the course of a week or month's time. We hope those stories help the reader understand the serious nature of crime in this community, but we realize that's only one part of the story. We will look for more opportunities to report stories that will arm readers with information they need to protect themselves and to avoid risks. -- Gary Graham, managing editor

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