More positive, non-sports news about teens

Suggestion: It would be really nice to see more articles about the positive things teens are doing in the community. That would give recognition to teens who have earned it and encourage other teens who are looking for a focus. It's my belief that we place far too much importance on teen sports which end for most teens when high school is over.

We devote a whole section of the newspaper to sports and, additionally, our neighborhood voice has a whole page or sometimes two about sports. So how about a regular weekly feature about teens who excell in other areas? Once a week you could do a page reporting on individual teens who have done something remarkable and giving announcements about upcoming plays, concerts, math, science and engineering competition scores etc. -- Nancy Davis, Spokane

Answer: Spokesman-Review editors try to uphold a set of news and professional values as they make critical news decisions. One of our values, and one we meet regularly, calls for some significant story every day about young people in our community living positive lives.

If you put 30 days of papers on a table and mark such stories with a red marker, you'll be amazed how many you'll find -- and on all of our section fronts, including Page 1.

We have numerous places in the paper where we report other "good news" of young people -- and others, too. So I'm not sure I see the need for a special section, as proposed. (And I don't think the sports comparison quite works).

The best way to do better by young people is to effectively cover education. We do pretty well. Our lead education reporter, Kristy Kromer, is excellent. In a better world, with more resources in place, we would have more staffers covering education, trolling for the sorts of stories suggested by this reader. -- Steve Smith, editor

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