What about Libertarians?

Question: Being one who is constantly on the lookout for alternative political discussions that are heavy into constructive thought and analysis, I am unaware of any columns of the true third party -- Libertarians -- getting fair time in The Spokesman-Review.

For those of us who are slightly more enlightened on the nature of the stale political machine known as the Republicans and the Democrats, a breath of fresh Libertarian air to clear away that coagulum on occasion would be nice. Any thoughts on why we have a virtual media blackout on this from your newspaper? -- Scott Smith, Chewelah

Answer: You make a valid point. While we've published numerous letters to the editor that articulate views associated with third-party movements (Greens, Libertarians, Ross Perot's followers), our selection of syndicated material has been much more mainstream-oriented. Notwithstanding the occasional op-ed piece from the libertarian Cato Institute, we haven't provided much commentary from third-party or other alternative perspectives. We need to keep a sharper eye out for opportunities to do so. -- Doug Floyd, editorial page editor

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