Incoherent ramblings

Question: How can we eliminate D.F. Oliveria? His ignorant, incoherent ramblings are an embarrassment; I hide the Review when out-of-town visitors are present. As a teacher I am at a loss to explain why he is tolerated by an
otherwise outstanding publication. -- Ira W. Gardner Sr., Spokane

Answer: Associate Editor D.F. Oliveria sits on The Spokesman-Review's editorial board on behalf of which he writes editorials. He also writes two print columns -- Hot Potatoes and Huckleberries -- in which he expresses his personal views, not necessarily shared by the board. The same is true for his online column, No Holds Barred.

Oliveria's columns, written in a distinctive style, are annoying to some readers and admired and enjoyed by others. We believe it is important to present a variety of styles and viewpoints to appeal to all our readers. Oliveria's columns have won national recognition, by the way. -- Doug Floyd, editorial page editor

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