'Inappropriate information,' or real essence of story?

Question: Why did John Blanchette's Sunday column about the old Gonzaga U gym (and "The Cave" area where assistant coaches lived) include rumors or stories about "clothes optional" swim parties or other such innuendo. What did such information have to do with the overall article about the old gym or the new arena? Was that really news? Why didn't an editor remove the inappropriate information?

Does the sports section have an ethical standard in regards to the fact that
thousands of teenagers turn to the sports and comics sections every day? -- Lisa Johnson, Deer Park

Answer: If we had removed what you termed "inappropriate information" the readers would not have been informed of the real essence of the Cave. I believe the writer did a good job of giving the reader a REAL picture of the Cave without stepping over the line with too much information. -- Joe Palmquist, sports editor

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