How do I submit articles?

Question: I write some, just for the sake of doing it -- not interested in being paid. Over the years I have written some "Letter to the Editor" type items to the S-R that were used. However, regarding larger pieces (600-1,200 words), while I submitted a few a couple of years back, I got feeling the S-R was just not interested. While I do not claim to be a professional writer, in every case the pieces were published elsewhere. Understanding that you have a paid writing staff, is the S-R interested in stories/articles (500+ words) from the readers? If yes, how do you wish them submitted? -- Richard L. Jones, Spokane

Answer 1: The Spokesman-Review is always interested in hearing about the issues that concern citizens. And we do often use the work of freelancers, particularly in the Voices. Our weekly neighborhood-based publications use a fair number of community writers, whom we refer to as correspondents.

I would be happy to forward your inquiry to the Voice editors – Richard Miller (North/South Voice), Jeff Jordan (Valley Voice), and Susan Drumheller (Handle Extra). I know they are looking for strong writers who can capture issues and personalities of interest in our region’s communities. -- Carla Savalli, city editor

Answer 2: We're always looking for guest columns that have something fresh and insightful to say about local and regional issues. I've already e-mailed a copy of our guidelines to Mr. Jones and will be happy to send them to anyone who is interested. The maximum length for such offerings is 850 words. Two key points to keep in mind about our selection process: 1) Our choice is based on the needs of the readers, not the writer; and 2) It's an opinion page and you have lots of latitude for expressing yours, but assertions of fact beyond what's common knowledge will have to be defended. -- Doug Floyd, editorial page editor

Update: I'm always interested in lively writing about issues that affect our neighborhoods. I suggest that prospective writers run their ideas by me first. This lets me provide direction, and check the archives for both duplication and background info I can forward to the writer. -- Richard Miller, Voice editor

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