Why not deliver to the Tri-Cities?

Question: As a Zags fan, I have been greatly disappointed in the last couple of years to see that The Spokesman-Review has apparently vanished as an available retail paper in the Tri-City area. I visit family in the area several times a year and used to be able to get a copy from bookstores or from vending machines. Even the Sunday edition seems to have vanished from a marketplace of nearly 200,000, only a two-hour drive from your home base. Have you abandoned this nearby market or has the market (or route drivers) abandoned you?

Those of us who thrive on Zags coverage are starving on the six column inches or less (usually buried inside) the local paper provides to its two nearest Division I teams (EWU, GU), while featuring the third-nearest (WSU) for its only solo article on the sports cover. -- Rick Soper, Spokane

Answer: Circulation manager Bob Thomas tells me that the S-R has not been available in the Tri-Cities for quite some time. "Our driver quit and the cost of getting the papers distributed outweighed the return on the less than 100 copies we were selling."

There is, of course, the option of reading those sports stories in our electronic edition of the newspaper. And beginning March 8, you will be able to purchase electronic replicas of the printed newspaper if you prefer viewing the online newspaper in the same format as the print version. -- Ken Sands, managing editor of online and new media

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