Where are the online forums?

Question: I know there's been a lot of dissention on a couple of the S-R forums, especially the "Iraq Conflict" and "Local News and Views," and now I notice the forums are all down. Will the forums continue in the future, maybe with a registration feature to stop flaming and baiting? -- Bruce McAuley, Republic

Answer: Actually, we had a problem with one of the sports forums, and it gave us a good excuse to take down the forums for a database upgrade. We also are considering instituting a very strict set of etiquette rules and enlisting the help of volunteer forum administrators to enforce the rules. We simply do not have the staffing to pay attention to the forums.

Left unmonitored, the forums unfortunately degrade quickly into a very destructive environment that is not a good reflection on our community or this newspaper for hosting such an ugly mess. Registration likely wouldn't help much, so volunteer moderating is really the only viable solution.

We hope to have the State B prep sports forum back up and running well before the State B tournament. There is no timetable on the return of the others at this point. -- Ken Sands, managing editor of online and new media

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