Now you need a far leftist for balance

Comment: Just read D.F. Oliveria's blog. Ewwwww. I hope the S-R can find someone on their staff to balance D.F. with an extreme leftist blog and links. Good luck! -- John Griffith, Spokane

Answer: Columnists and editorial writers are allowed to express their opinions. And we'd certainly like to have balance. (Although some of our critics would argue that Oliveria provides such balance.) Rebecca Nappi, another columnist, has a blog about reforms in the Roman Catholic church, called Journey to Vatican III. But we don't have any politically left-leaning columnists or editorial writers who have volunteered to write for the Web.

We're thinking, though, about how we might invite a number of community "guest bloggers" to write about politics during this election year from a variety of perspectives. At some point, I suppose, we'd be looking for volunteers. Stay tuned. -- Ken Sands, managing editor of online and new media

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