Cover WMD intrigue rather than Janet Jackson

Question: It is now "understood" that the information the Bush administration used as the basis for taking our nation to war was flawed. There are also strong indications that the administration purposely mishandled the evidence and misrepresented their case to the American people. In doing so, they have mislead us into to a very costly war with no end in sight and now there are indications Iraq may be poised on the edge of civil war.

Pakistan's government has now admitted selling nuclear weapons technology to Libya, Iran, and North Korea. Evidently they tried to sell it to others including Iraq and they weren't interested. Then as a face slap to the American people Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf pardoned the scientist who headed the proliferation, Abdul Qadeer Khan.

How is it that we are led to war in Iraq to stop the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction there that evidently never existed? Then one of our allies who "stood strongly behind our invasion of Iraq" is exposed for having sold technology for building Weapons of Mass Destruction to the highest bidders. Yet it seems the Bush administration has nothing to say about this event. Is it because we already got the rights for Unocal's pipelines to run through Afghanistan and Pakistan? The most disturbing part of all of this is not that Bush has tried to sweep it under the carpet, but that the media doesn't seem to think this is a story worth pursuing. What is going on in this nation when this type of debacle takes place and the media doesn't seem interested?

My question for the editors is why isn't the media focusing more on this story? What has the Spokesman-Review done to bring this story the focus it deserves? It is very disturbing to me that we have had report after report of the inappropriate half-time show at the Super Bowl, yet this story has received little to no press coverage. -- Ron Reed, Chattaroy

Answer: I would argue that in fact reporters have been very persistent about asking questions regarding the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Unfortunately, we're not always getting clear answers to the questions, but we will keep asking them and searching for the truth. We published the CIA director's assessment of the WMD issue recently on the front page, along with several other developments as they have happened.

As for Abdul Qadeer Khan, we've published stories about him and his recent pardon. Just today, we published a story about how he was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy loyalty. -- Gary Graham, managing editor

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