Why so many errors?

Question: I retired in Colville after 20 years in Alaska; I've been a steady reader for years. I have noticed a decline in the quality of the paper. It appears that spell check and grammer check have replaced proof-readers; words are often misspelled or out of context. It's a little annoying. -- Jeff Hall, Colville

Answer: Believe me, it's annoying to us, as well. We have quite a few safeguards in place to protect the paper from spelling and grammar errors. Still, some get through the cracks. We do have copy editors who read copy at several stages of the production process and also read page proofs.

But we process about half a million words a day and sometimes mistakes get through. Trust me, we're working on it. A new computer system will help. That's being installed now. And we're always seeking out training programs that will improve our staff's professional skills. -- Steve Smith, editor

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