Why not write about charity and success, too?

Question: Who decides what is going to be in print? There seems to be so much focus on "negative" news, and not enough on the great things that are happening in our area, and in the world. Is it really a case where the general public would rather hear about rape and murder, than about charity and success? -- LeAne Austin, Spokane

Answer: Many of our decisions on which stories we publish are a result of conversations throughout the day among the city editor, the business editor, the front page editors, the national and international new editors (referred to as wire editors), the InLife editor and the sports editor. Your comment on "negative news" is one that editors frequently hear from readers.

Our goal each day is to publish the most important stories, the ones that have relevance to the lives of our readers. At the same time, we often publish stories that celebrate the successes of the people who live in this community and whose lives can inspire others. We frequently write about people who overcome obstacles or who have contributed to the lives of people around them. Granted, the world and national news can be pretty grim some days, but we'd be shortsighted if we chose to ignore those news and publish only stories about the good things happening here. Focusing on only the good news would give readers an unrealistic view of the world around them.

I'd like to invite you to attend one of our daily news meetings, where we discuss stories and decide what we're going to put in the paper. We'd be more than willing to hear what you have to say about our story selections. If you are interested, send me an email at garyg@spokesman.com, and we'll set up a visit at your convenience. -- Gary Graham, managing editor

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