Inequity in coverage of women's sports

Question: A number of us have noticed what appears to be an inequity in the coverage of women's gymnastics compared to men's wrestling. An illustration would be the story in last Friday's paper on the regional wrestling meet last Saturday and no mention of the regional gymnastic's meet on the same day. I wondered if you might be willing to conduct an audit of your coverage in these areas, including photos, to see if our strong perception is correct. -- Kerry Lynch, Spokane

Answer: No audit necessary. We do have more coverage of wrestling. There is simply more interest in wrestling than gymnastics. Just look at the attendance. However, we don't ignore gymnastics. The regional gymnastics meet for 2A was Friday and we had a story in Saturday's paper. The regional meet for 4A was Saturday and we did have a story (and headline) in Sunday's paper (C11). We will be at the state tournament in Tacoma this Friday and Saturday. -- Joe Palmquist, sports editor

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