How about a Metropolitan blog?

Question: When do you plan to open a blog on Metropolitan Securities? A great number of your readers are effected by this debacle and would like a forum for expressing their frustrations, guiding their future investment and legal decisions and keeping up to date on the latest information. Can you do this? -- John P. Campbell

Answer: John, that's a very interesting idea. A Web log, or online journal (blog for short) is a place where we could collect all of the articles done on that subject and provide a forum where readers could talk to each other.

I'm leaning against the idea right now, for three reasons: 1) It takes a staffing commitment to pull this off, and our reporter on the Met beat, John Stucke, is overworked as it is; 2) The best blogs link to lots of other sources. Right now, the S-R is really the main source of news on this story. A blog linking to all of our own stories would be a little redundant; and 3) I worry about opening up a forum on this because it would largely be unedited and unmoderated, and I worry that some people would take out their anger and frustrations in inappropriate ways. Anyone out there want to change my mind? I'm listening. --Ken Sands, managing editor of online and new media

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