More national/international news on Monday

Question: Some friends and I were just grumbling about the S-R 's national/international coverage. After reading the International column, we often have to turn to the Wall Street Journal, USA Today or the Internet for follow-up information. It isn't unusual to then find other world-influencing events that weren't reported at all.

Monday's paper is small. A section overviewing national and international events from the prior week, similar to the financial insert, would be a wonderful addition. Although the financial insert is of interest to a minority of your readers, it is much appreciated by them. A section on world events may possibly fall into that catagory. An additional plus, if it were added to Monday's paper, may be that younger readers would begin to be more aware of our world. -- Sandy Lawrence, Spokane

Answer: We actually increased the amount of space we devote to national and international news last year. Newspapers around the country have learned that reader interest in international news has increased since the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. I think you'll find that the Monday editions of most newspapers are a bit smaller than other days because Sunday is generally considered a slow news day. And of course, increasing the amount of space in the Monday paper would add to our costs. -- Gary Graham, managing editor

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