Why give such 'politically correct' answers?

Question: I have read most of the 'Ask the Editors' submissions and replies. I found the replies were 'politically correct' answers meant to minimize any negativity for The Spokesman-Review or its staff. Very disappointing. -- Phil Aikman, Spokane

Answer: I'm not sure what the writer means by "politically correct." We're answering the questions that come to us and some of those have been pretty critical. When we respond to criticism, we're trying to provide an explanation of our actions, a rationale for decisions and the context behind policy and practices. But readers can draw their own conclusions from our responses, can decide for themselves if they think we're right or wrong.

We do try to acknowledge flat-out mistakes -- fact mistakes or judgment mistakes -- when they occur. We do that every day in print in our Accuracy Watch column on the local news front. And we'll do it here when warranted. -- Steve Smith, editor

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