Why stories two days in a row online?

Question: I really enjoy the online version of S-R, but because articles are repeated, sometimes for several days in a row, it's difficult to navigate quickly through recent news. Speed, efficiency, and ease of use are important to me, but sorting through the old articles impairs that. Would it be possible to have a version each day with only that day's news? -- Rob Rutherford

Answer: Interesting question. Stories should never appear online several days in a row. The site is updated every day by about 6 a.m. Under two possible scenarios, stories sometimes will appear two days in a row: 1) A couple of days in recent weeks we've experienced dual-server replication problems, in which half our readers might have seen the previous day's paper. This problem was fixed by about 10 a.m. each time; and 2) We regularly publish "breaking news" stories on the Web site the afternoon before they show up in print. Those same stories, or updated versions, are then cycled through the normal publication process and show up as part of the next day's newspaper online. Think of it as getting your news a day early! -- Ken Sands, managing editor of online and new media

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