A few online mysteries

Question: Why no pictures in the online version of the S-R? Is the $25 reproduction fee for 8x10s that special? Or is it a bandwidth problem?

And how does the paper go about defining and allocating stories to a specific section online? What makes a story a "Region" story instead of a "Business" or "In Life" or cover section story?

A good example would be the great work being done by Alison Boggs. I find her stories on the Summit development, tax breaks for historic preservation, and Carnegie Square are all great local stories that were featured in Business. I'm just thinking that the Region gets more eyeballs than Region, and these are good, important stories.

Thanks for the time. And the great work online, blogging, and everything. -- D. Hughes, Spokane

Answer: We do publish photos on our Web site. Typically, the photos appear on the same pages as the text of the stories that accompanied the photos in print. We also sometimes post photos on the cover page, especially with breaking news stories. The photos that are placed online are purposely of a lower resolution so that page download times are faster. Lower resolution photos don't print out very well, either, so if someone wants a good reproduction, they're going to have to purchase it.

Choosing which stories go in which sections online is a manual process for the next couple of months, until our new computer system is rolled out. At that time the authors and their editors will choose which "tags" to put on each story that will determine how it is categorized online. We hope that will make the process easier and more user-friendly. -- Ken Sands, managing editor of online and new media

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