What about the newspaper's responsibility as a community member?

Question: In your editorial of Jan. 4, 2004, the editoral board's guiding principles were listed. I am astounded that you mention only personal liberty and personal responsibility. How does the only daily newspaper in the community function with no awareness of its place as a community member
and a fundamental principle of democracy: community membership and the rights and responsibility that go with that for citizens, organizations, businesses (including the newspaper)? The S-R falls far short of what Spokane needs and deserves in this category. -- Elaine Tyrie, Spokane

Answer: Our editorial board is very mindful of our responsibilities within the democratic framework. It's for that reason we have dedicated a substantial amount of space as a public forum for community members who write letters to the editor and guest columns.

I think you would find universal agreement among our board members that the purpose of a newspaper is to give readers the information they need to do their duty as citizens in a self-governing society. Having said that, there are always ways we can do the job better. Every day's editorial and op-ed page content reflects dozens of decisions about what we can squeeze into that space and what we have to pass up. However, I hope any reader with ideas to pass along will get in touch with me at 459-5466 or dougf@spokesman.com. -- Doug Floyd, editorial page editor

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