What about all of those chronic offenders?

Question: Crime and the criminal justice system in our community, as in most communities, is a very important issue to the majority of the citizens. The S-R routinely runs briefs on wanted suspects who have rewards posted by Secret Witness. Invariably these suspects have multiple convictions, sometimes to the point of insanity. What happens to these suspects when they are captured? Why doesn't the paper do a follow-up on some of the worst ones to let readers know if the "system" finally works and some of these chronic offenders are dealt with appropriately? Or do they get tossed back into our community to offend again? I think it would be very interesting and informative to do a follow-up on some of these. -- Chris Powell, Spokane

Answer: Good question. It would be a huge undertaking for us to follow up on the hundreds of cases that go through the local court system each month, but your suggestion to look at some of the chronic offenders is a good one and I will ask our metro staff to consider this as a possible story. -- Gary Graham, managing editor

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