Give me better ice skating coverage

Question: Last week I saw in the newspaper that Spokane was one of two cities still in the running for the ice skating tournament. However, the TV news reported this the week before. This seems like it should have been treated like bigger news by the newspaper. This would be a huge event for Spokane. Why did it take the newspaper so long to report it?

Another ice skating event was also down played by the newspaper - Michelle Kwan skated a perfect 10 at the Nationals, which is rare. While I am not an ice skating fanatic, it does seem like the newspaper has chosen not to give the attention to these events that they deserve. -- Gayle L. Bender, Spokane

Answer 1: I agree that being host to the Figure Skating Championships would be a great boon to Spokane, and all of our news departments would cover it in great detail. We reported the story on the selection process as quickly as we could commit staff to it. We are committed to reporting news when we know it.

Sometimes, however, it becomes a question of resources. If there are more immediate stories to report in the region, we will divert our attention elsewhere. It's a daily balancing act, because there is obviously so much vying for our attention and space. Rest assured that we understand the significance of the event, and have plans in place to cover the competition. -- Carla Savalli, city editor

Answer 2: Actually, Michelle Kwan's performance was a perfect 6. Gymnastics would be the perfect 10. And we didn't overlook this event. We ran a picture of Kwan and a complete wrapup of nationals. The next day we followed with another story calling her one of the greatest skaters ever. -- Joe Palmquist, sports editor

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