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Question: Why is there so little coverage of the miserable state of snow removal in Spokane? Not that there aren't plenty of snow stories and pictures, but I never see any editorial comment about the low level of service by the city.

I'd also like to see an in-depth analysis of the city budget proposals before the annual budget is adopted by the council. You can't get a copy of the budget until it is printed (and therefore adopted). There would be a better opportunity for informed public input if we knew more beforehand. I know budget stuff will put you to sleep in 30 seconds or less, but it seems to me some smart person at the S-R could put some thumbnail sketches together that would be meaningful to people who aren't sure what FY stands for, let alone the political backrooming that usually characterizes budget negotiations. -- Meg McCoy, Spokane

Answer: We have covered the issue of snow removal several times and continue to monitor both the weather and the city's snow plow response. Your question refers to "editorial comment.'' Please know that the news reporters on the City Desk are not to be confused with editorial writers who write opinions. Our mission on the City Desk is to present news issues so that citizens can make their own informed decisions. Our role is to act as a watchdog, but not to editorialize. We do track the city's budget, but have not put detailed budgetary numbers to this particular snow removal issue, but can certainly look at doing that. -- Carla Savalli, city editor

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