How long should I wait for letter to the editor?

Question: Once I submit an article for consideration in the Roundtable section how will I know if if is still being considered after several weeks. In the past I never knew if the piece is still under consideration after several weeks or the editorial staff had ruled the article out for publication in the Spokesman-Review.

This confusion prevents me from sending it to other publications. Also the newsworthiness of the articles dims with time or the news peg for the article. Should I announce I am removing the article after so much time or just assume that you will not print my piece if I do not see it in the Spokesman-Review in a few weeks? Please advise. -- Jospeh Wood

Answer: If you've included a telephone number where you can be reached during normal business hours (we call to verify the authorship), and haven't heard anything within a week, it may just mean that we're swamped, but it probably means the letter is not under consideration for publication. We've considered mailing out a postcard or e-mail notice in such cases but at present it's a matter of limited resources. In the meantime, if you are confident that your letter is within the 200-word limit, you haven't had another letter published within the past 30 days, and it deals with a legitimate issue of public interest, then give us a call and we'll check it out. You can reach letters coordinator Fern Christenson at 459-5428 or me at 459-5466. If you get voicemail, please leave a clear message and we'll return your call as soon as we can. -- Doug Floyd, editorial page editor

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