Two readers: 'Give us more...'

Comment 1: I am sending this link and information to you because I am outraged at the Bush administration's attempt to circumvent any accountability for misleading this nation into war and I am hoping that The Spokesman-Review will do an article showing the truth of what is George W. Bush's attempt to circumvent accountability in misleading this country to war through coercion and ignoring valid warnings many times in the runup to the beginning of the second Gulf War in March. -- Ronald D. Reed, Chattaroy

Comment 2: I think you could create a really cool point/counterpoint article section where readers could submit articles they've found, or links to articles, on each side of an issue. Occasionally print one from each side in the Sunday paper as a special section. More work for you, but it could be interesting, and it would be a good source of interesting material for your old fashioned paper and ink brethren at the S-R. -- Scott Schmidtman, Spokane

Reply: We do have two forums, one for local issues, and one for Iraq-related issues, where readers do share links to stories they've found.

But both of you point to a key problem: we're not able to print enough news and analysis, from enough different perspectives, to satisfy all of our readers. It's interesting to see how sophisticated readers use the Internet to find things that don't show up on our wire services. In coming months we plan to experiment with publishing the work of "citizen bloggers" on our Web site. We hope this will offer a little more depth and some different perspectives to our online report. As always, we will strive for balance. -- Ken Sands, managing editor of online and new media

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