Go Zags placards available online

Question: I am a huge Gonzaga fan and I was wondering if there was any way I could get one of those "Go Zags" signs I see you guys have. I would absolutely love this. I have tickts for the first and second round of the NCAA tournament and I'm anticipating Gonzaga going to Seattle so I would love to take a sign. Can you please help me out? -- Justin Wammock, Ellensburg, Wash.

Answer: So glad you asked. (It's nice to get an easy question once in awhile.) You can download a "Go Zags" placard on our Web site. You also can download computer desktop wallpaper. Here are some other special online Gonzaga features you might not know about: A Gonzaga sports page; a GU hoops blog; and a GU sports forum. -- Ken Sands, managing editor of online and new media

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