Why not more Valley news in Valley section?

Question: Two or three weeks ago I responded to a telephone survey regarding the "Valley" compared to the "Valley Voice" sections of the paper. I responded to the questions asked without fully knowing what I was talking about.

I have been reading all the sections of the paper for years without any preconceived expectations as to what these two sections should contain. However, the survey did trigger my awareness, and I have begun to read each section with a new awareness. I have become aware that the "Valley" (I think this used to be called the "Region") has very little to do with "The Valley" and a whole lot to do with the Region. Today's "Valley" had 20 articles and only 3 (15 percent) had anything to do with the Valley. The rest were all regional. The "Valley Voice" on the other hand was close to 100% Valley.

Why don't we return to the "Region" section and dump the "Valley?" "The Valley has little to do with the "Valley." Les Francis, Spokane Valley

Answer: We try to meet the needs of readers who are intensely interested in any number of communities and neighborhoods in Spokane and Kootenai counties and we frequently struggle with decisions on where our stories should appear in the paper.

As you know, we are a large suburban area. Results from the recent survey you mentioned demonstrated to us that the vast majority of our Valley readers want specific coverage of the Valley, but they also don't want us to eliminate Spokane metro stories from their daily paper. Valley editor Jeff Jordan acknowledges that your assessment of the ratio of Valley and Region stories is right on target.

We've improved the content of the Valley Voice sections and the survey results indicate readers have been very pleased with the improvements. We appreciate your interest and we are especially grateful that you agreed to participate in our telephone survey. -- Gary Graham, managing editor

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