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Question: I am a member of several service and fraternal organizations. We always have a hard time getting the message about the good we do in the paper. I have heard this from other nonprofit organizations. I was wondering why you could not have a section in the Monday paper for these type of items. They are not that time sensitive and it might just make the Monday paper worth getting out of the box. It is the smallest paper of the week due to the week end and this could be a great community service that you could do to get the word out about good news. -- Jack Kirsch

Answer: The North, South and Valley Voices sections run a weekly story on a nonprofit organization. It's called Finding a Way and is written by Kandis Carper. All three Voices also run a weekly list called Somebody Needs You, coordinated by the Volunteers of America, which seeks donations for specific people through area agencies.

In addition, the Valley Voice runs a Saturday story every other week on a volunteer. It's called Helping Hands and is written by Treva Lind, a correspondent.

Richard Miller, the editor of the Voices sections, says any fund-raising event is considered as a possible topic for a story, but some are more newsworthy than others. -- Gary Graham, managing editor

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