You can get Saturday stocks

Question: We purchase your paper most days. We follow the stock market, and check stock prices on the New York Stock Exchange as well as mutual fund prices. However, it is beyond us why a newspaper would publish this information Tuesday thru Friday, but not publish Friday's market on Saturday. We cannot subscibe to your paper because we find we have to go out a purchase a different Saturday paper to get what we want. Can you please expain why you do not publish the market prices on Saturday for the end of the week? -- Arvey Hunt, Post Falls

Answer: Interest in the weekly market wrapup is limited. For that reason we don't present that information in the main paper. However, any subscriber may request free delivery (with their Saturday paper) of a special market section that includes the information you want. You can get that section simply by calling (509) 747-4422. About 15,000 subscribers currently receive the section. -- Steve Smith, editor

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